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Venus White Ultra is a unique whitening option with seven upper and seven lower pre-filled, disposable trays. Optimum fit is accomplished with different sized upper and lower trays, while the thin trays mold securely around each tooth. Each disposable tray is pre-filled with mint-flavored, 11.2% hydrogen peroxide gel. Venus White Max is an in-office treatment comprised of 38% hydrogen peroxide gel that whitens teeth in an hour or less. It contains potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. The syringe-to-syringe mixing chemically activates the product and provides a thorough mix with maximum freshness. Venus White Pro is a mint-flavored take-home whitening system for custom-made trays. Available in 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide strengths, it contains potassium nitrate to help minimize sensitivity. The new Venus White Pro has updated packaging and a stickier, more viscous gel than the original Venus White product. The variety of Venus White products allows dentists to meet the whitening needs of every patient, whether it’s in-office or take-home. — Julie Schmitt



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Heraeus Kulzer Venus White Systems
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