Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit

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At the center of our amalgam separation system is the proven recycling container. Once you’re set up with an Hg5 system that fits your practice, you’ll need to exchange the lower container when it fills up.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit

Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit
Sku# HG5-002CR




Happy Earth Day to You! We Can Change the World, One Decision at a Time

In honor of Earth Day , take a few minutes to ask yourself: How can I make my dental practice more environmentally-friendly?  In addition to preserving our natural resources, adopting eco-friendly policies can reduce your costs of waste disposal, water, energy and office supplies and can even attract patients to your office.  The Eco Dentistry Association reports there is a growing alliance of consumers – almost 1/3 of the U.S. population - who want to patronize providers who share their values for eco-friendly healthy living - like green dental professionals! What has your office...

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Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit
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