HurriSeal Dentin Desensitizer

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HurriSealDentin Desensitizer acts as a wetting agent in bonding restorations, eliminating technique sensitive adhesion procedures. Treat or prevent dentinal hypersensitivity associated with: Cervical erosion/toothbrush abrasion, exposed root surfaces/recession, before and after tooth whitening procedures, after periodontal scaling and root planing treatment (applied after soft tissue healing), and permanent and temporary restorations (apply prior to placement to prevent post-operative sensitivity). • Apply after etching and before priming/bonding • Provides protection in 1-3 coats depending on patients needs • Application lasts 6-9 months for cervical, or lifetime of restoration • It is soft tissue friendly (no glutaraldehyde) • Universally compatible • Simple to use with no mixing or light curing necessary

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HurriSeal Dentin Desensitizer
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