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Digital Imaging (CBCT/CBVT)

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 Panoramic Radiography System

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 panoramic digital radiography system from Instrumentarium combines a panoramic imaging system with cephalometric, cone beam 3D, or a combination of both. According to the manufacturer, the options can be upgraded in the dental practice ... read more

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Detecting and Restoring Hidden Interproximal Caries

Author: Cynthia Brattesani
Date: 09/09/2014 02:35pm

I recently implemented CariVu (DEXIS) caries detection device as part of my diagnostic armamentarium. While I use it during many procedures, I have now incorporated CariVu during recare visits. It’s especially useful when patients are not due for bitewing x-rays. Research shows that in many cases, CariVu can detect interproximal and occlusal caries sooner than radiographs*. I have experienced this many times in my practice, allowing me to be more conservative in the restoration process. CariVu is proving to be an important diagnostic adjunct for my practice, and this case is an ideal example of this

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5 Elements to a Profitable Web Presence

Date: 04/28/2014 03:26pm

Take an in-depth look at the 5 Elements to a Profitable Web Presence and learn how to maximize your new patient numbers by converting internet users.

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