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Valplast’s translucent pink shades allow patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material, and the nylon thermoplastic will not absorb stains or odors. Because no tooth or tissue preparation is required, dentists can offer their patients a conservative and pain-free solution. Valplast is more durable than acrylic, so it is recommended for patients with a history of partial frame breakage and as an alternative to implants or fixed products. In addition to standard Valplast partial designs, Keller has applied the Valplast technology to the Nesbit and Flipper single-tooth replacement options. These designs provide dentists and their patients with unique solutions for esthetic and comfortable tooth replacement. Valplast partials are available in pink, light-ethnic, and dark-ethnic shades. —Jason Schwartz



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valplast partials
Both my husband and I have Valplast partials and have been absolutely grateful that the product crossed our paths. We would recommend this to anyone who has option to choose Valplast over other products when dentures are necessary.
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Keller Valplast Partials
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