Logic Set LVI Esthetic Preparation Set

Product Description
Logic Sets from Axis Dental consist of a system of instruments that are designed to achieve optimal results for restorations. A selection of Logic Sets have been developed by key clinicians and leading teaching institutions, as well as popular systems for CAD/CAM dentistry, preparation, finishing, polishing and provisional fabrication. The LVI Esthetic Preparation Logic Set contains the necessary instruments for esthetic preparations and finishing as taught by the LVI faculty clinicians.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Logic Set LVI Esthetic Preparation Set

Logic Set LVI Esthetic Preparation Set - Logic Set LVI Esthetic Preparation Set
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Diameter: 5/8"
Grit: Fine
Package Quantity: 25/Pkg
Shape: Square Edge
Size: 5/8 x .032
Thickness: .032"
Type: High Glase
Sku# LS-7541




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Logic Set LVI Esthetic Preparation Set
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