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The Revolution is available with a black frame only, and magnification options include Class II and Class III power.

Orascoptic's Revolution hybrid loupe is unlike any other loupe on the market. As with traditional through-the-lens (TTL) design, the telescopes of the Revolution loupe are permanently affixed within the carrier lenses. However, unlike other loupes, the carrier lenses of the Revolution loupe flip-up, affording the user completely unobstructed vision to consult with clients or review a patient chart.

With the Revolution loupe, Orascoptic, the leader in vision solutions for dental professionals, merges the company's award-winning HiRes line of magnification telescopes, renowned for superior resolution and field width, with an innovative frame designed by Italian sports eyewear icon Rudy Project'Technically Cool Eyewear. The sporty Rudy Project frame uses a proprietary hinge that is extremely durable and remarkably lightweight. The entire loupe weighs less than 2 ounces. For years, dentists and hygienists have had to choose between a TTL and a flipup style when purchasing a loupe. With the Revolution, TTL wearers will no longer have to take their loupes off of their head repeatedly when not using magnification. Practitioners who prefer flip-ups finally have an alternative to the heavy, cumbersome hinges that often cause discomfort. The Revolution offers the light weight of a TTL and the convenience of a flip-up. 'Jan Hempel




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Loupe Combines TTL and
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