M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer

Product Description
When your practice requires instruments and handpieces to be processed quickly, the M3 UltraFast® delivers. Sterilize unwrapped instruments in only 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10 minutes. From the simple way you load and unload the tray to the thoughtful touches like the ergonomic condensate tank handle and quick-release top, the M3 is sophisticated technology that is easy to use. Features include:

• One-step loading
• Push-button cycle selection
• Automatic-open door
• Intelligent features monitor water levels for worry-free operation
• Designed to dry instruments in as quickly as 25 minutes
• Top fill for convenient access to water reservoir
• Front reservoir drain with on-board drain tube storage
• Condensate tank with quick-release lid, convenient carrying handle and water level sensor




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M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer
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