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Design by Dentists. That’s the Directa AB philosophy. By concentrating on the development of products by and for dentists, Directa AB, a privately-owned, Swedish company, has become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of dental products in the Nordic region. Founded in 1916, Directa focuses on creating and producing innovative products that facilitate the everyday work of dental practitioners and make life easier for their patients. Directa markets its products to over 90 countries; its 5 largest export markets are Germany, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia.


SpotIt - C&B Contact Finder
SpotIt Contact Finder from Directa Dental aids in the identification of contact points on crowns and bridges. Rather than relying on occlusion...
Luxator LX Mechanical Peritome
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product
Directa’s Luxator LX uses a reciprocating tip positioned vertically, allowing the clinician to cut the periodontal ligaments with limited patient...
Directa CoForm Pre-Formed Matrices
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product
Directa CoForm Pre-Formed Matrices Directa AB Directa CoForm is an innovative aid for forming composite restorations around difficult incisal...


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