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EQUIA Restorative System
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product
EQUIA Restorative System GC America Inc. EQUIA combines easy handling and simple placement with durability and esthetics. GC America’s EQUIA...
G-aenial Bond Self-Etching Bonding Agent
Dental Product Shopper Best Product
G-ænial Bond Self-Etching Bonding Agent GC America Inc. The HEMA-free formulation of G-ænial Bond makes it efficient and easy to use. GC...
GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product
GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative GC America Inc GC Fuji II LC restorative material exhibits translucency, expansion, and contraction...


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