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HVE Assembly Without Tip from ADEC
ADEC's Nut Assembly is a locking retainer with a hex-shaped exterior that enables the nut to be tightened in order to prevent the tip...
HVE Assembly with Long Tip Holder from ADEC
ADEC's High Volume Aspirator Tips are autoclavable, stainless steel tips.
The High Volume Aspirator Tip Assembly by ADEC is an autoclavable, 90 high volume stainless steel aspirator tip.
Handpiece Controls Valve Assembly with O-Ring by ADEC is for A-dec handpiece maintenance.
Handpiece Controls O-Ring from ADEC is used for A-dec handpiece maintenance.
ADEC's Spray Cap High-Speeds is used for TA-96LM and TA-98LM.
ADEC's Spray Cap for TA-98LW and TA-96LW
A-dec ICX Tablet Waterline Treatment from ADEC is a specially formulated effervescing tablet that helps maintain clean dental unit...
A-dec Air/Water Syringe Replacement Parts are designed to ensure that your A-dec syringe functions properly.
ADEC's Spray Cap for Synea and Trend is for Synea and Trend low-speed attachments and any other E-coupling handpieces.
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