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The Shimstock Matrix Dispenser by Almore Mfg Company stores, dispenses, and cuts transparent Mylar tape and Shimstock to desired length. ...
Almore Mfg Company's Shimstock Occlusion Foil is used to test occlusions by accurately detecting high spots in any restoration or natural...
Shimstock Strips by Almore Mfg Company are used to test occlusions by accurately detecting high spots in any restoration or natural tooth...
Almore Mfg Company's SafeDispense Floss Dispenser allows for single-handed dispensing of dental floss, which reduces the risk of cross...
Almore Mfg Company's Restoratives Holder organizes up to 28 syringes, including room for extra material.
Floss Refill for Ultimate Flosser from Almore Mfg Company includes 2 30 yard refill spools.
The telescoping lens bar allows for an extended working distance. Available in either a silver or black headband, with a choice of +3, +5...
Foam Inserts for Endo-Interim Stand from Almore Mfg Company are single-use foam refills.
Almore Mfg Company's Richwil Crown and Bridge Remover is a safe, non-traumatic way to remove crowns, bridges, and inlays without prying,...
Bi-Wedge from Almore Mfg Company is V-shaped and designed to access hard-to-reach posterior areas. It is flexible, made of plastic, and...
Almore Mfg Company's Interproximal Discs are made from .005" stainless steel with attached plastic fingerhold and is used to reduce tight...
The Thomas Color Instrument from Almore Mfg Company is a hand instrument that features a waxing and carving tip. This lightweight...
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