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Mint-A-Kleen® Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner formula and protocol offer an efficient and effective way to remove microbial contamination...
An exclusive Anodia Systems design, this portable system allows the hygienist to use a periodontal scaling solution during dental...
Allows user to choose the water source supply to the dental unit and also permits user to clean dental unit waterlines. User can adjust...
The View Tube Bottle has an external clear tube that shows the liquid levels inside the bottle.
Heavy duty water bottles designed and tested for bottle systems. Durable”Thick-walled constructed with high-density polyethylene.
The Quick Connect Bottle Adaptors lock and seal feature allows quick removal and attachment from dental unit. This feature eliminates...
Mint-A-Kleen uses an active ingredient of 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate to directly contact waterline walls and bottles for thorough...
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