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Fast and convenient Ideal for any dental technician who may require flexibility of working with conventional or shock heating...
Partial denture investment material. Proven worldwide, very smooth surface, for gel and silicone duplication.
High precision of the silicone duplicate models, optimal fit Long processing time Extremely smooth casting surfaces, high edge stability...
Mixing liquid Sensitive to frost
The higher the concentration of BegoSol the greater the expansion of the investment material.
Easy to break out and strong enough for ringless casting Smooth creamy mix and 6-1/2-minute working time
Easy to shape, does not bend up and burns without residue. High degree of security against deformation and constriction when bending....
Patterson Baseplate Wax is a tough, pliable all-season wax that holds teeth firmly, boils out clean and will not stain. • 3" x 6" sheets...
Cobalt-chrome metal-to-ceramic alloy, free of nickel and beryllium.
Universal investment material for all applications in partial denture and combination technique, for gel and silicone duplication Ideal...
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