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Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(16)
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Centrix introduces NoCord VPS, the first one-step, self-retracting impressioning system that retracts gingiva, controls bleeding, and...
Advanced Finishing and Polishing Cups and Points highly-loaded with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces...
ProxiDiscs are stainless-steel proximal separator discs that help create space by breaking through or adjusting tight contacts and for...
GripStrip Proximal Finishing and Polishing Strips with its unique diamond-coated design provides precision finishing and polishing of...
Couture Diamond Polishing Paste is a one-step extra-fine diamond grit polishing paste for final, high gloss polishing. Uniquely...
Centrix Inc.'s Jumbo Tubes and Plugs are an extra large, disposable tube and plug system used with Jumbo Syringe Guns to dispense...
This flowable is ideal for Class V restorations, liners, bases, temporary crown repairs, veneer cementation, and pit and fissure sealing....
NuGUN Syringe Gun Plunger and Spring by Centrix Inc. are replacement parts for the NuGUN Syringe Gun. The NuGUN features a...
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Couture Diamond Polishing Brush is made of diamond-filled cellulose filaments that can be used firm when dry or ultra-soft when wet. So...
Centrix’s Couture Diamond Finishing and Polishing Kit incorporates cups, points and brushes designed to finish and polish all...
Mixing Tips for Automix Nozzles from Centrix Inc. feature a soft, bendable, small-diameter needle to accurately place material. They are...
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