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The ASAP INDIRECT+ diamond polishing system is suitable for all indirect ceramic restorations, including zirconia, lithium disilicate,...
CLINICIAN’S CHOICE has introduced the DUAL-FORCE Sectional Matrix System, which is engineered for more than just tight contacts....
Ideal for both simple, single shade cases or more complex cases utilizing a layering technique, Evanesce is designed to perfectly match...
Clinician's Choice COUNTER-FIT Quick Set is a multi-purpose replication silicone that provides exact replication for procedures in which...
A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polishers from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE provide excellent shine in less than 1 minute —with only 1 shape....
With HEATWAVE, the clinician can easily customize the thermoplastic tray by hand after immersing it in 158°F (70°C) water for 60 seconds....
Featuring low side walls to eliminate the risk of impingement or axial roll, the Quad-Tray Xtreme posterior tray incorporates a wide-arch...
MPa Maximum Performance Adhesive from Clinician’s Choice has an ideal consistency, applies easily, and deeply penetrates the dentin...
CLING2 Automix Temporary Cement Clinician’s Choice Dental Products, Inc CLING2 is a zinc-oxide noneugenol, automix temporary cement with...
Affinity hydroactive impression material from Clinician's Choice offers third generation chemistry, providing great dimensional stability...
Clinician's Choice Dental Products announces LUMIPROP, a unique multipurpose illumination device. Designed to provide 6 hours of...
TEMPTATION and fast-set TEMPTATION NOW Temporary Crown and Bridge Composite have a low shrinkage rate and low heat production, reducing...
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