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Absorbable Suture, Needle Combination(2)
Apex Locators & Obturation Systems(3)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(31)
Articulating & Occlusal Indicators(5)
Bite Registration Materials(2)
Bonding Self etching(4)
Bonding Single Component(1)
Bulk fill(1)
Carbides & Diamonds Rotary Instruments(4)
Carbides and Diamonds(2)
Cement endodontic(2)
Cement resin(7)
Cement temporary(1)
Denture Material(7)
Electric Handpieces(1)
Electrosurge & Accessories(6)
Endodontic Files, Reamers & Accessories(37)
Endodontic Points & Medicaments(9)
Endodontics Miscellaneous(12)
Finishing & Polishing(1)
Finishing & Polishing Materials & Strips(4)
Finishing & Polishing Rotary Instruments(1)
Handpiece Accessories(2)
Impression and Registration Materials and Accessories(1)
Impression Materials Miscellaneous(15)
Impression Trays(4)
Irrigants and Irrigation Devices(13)
Lab Miscellaneous(15)
Matrix Bands(1)
Orthodontic Accessories(2)
Pins & Posts(42)
Pins and Post(14)
Restorative | Cosmetic Instruments & Materials(4)
Retraction Materials(1)
Rubber Dams(19)
Shade Matching | Lights(1)
Small Equipment Miscellaneous(1)
Surface Disinfectant Wipes(1)
Temporary Provisional Materials(2)
Ultrasonic cleaner(4)
Ultrasonic Scalers(1)
VPS Impression Materials(9)
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  • FAX:+1 330 916 7077
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COLTENE’s Alpen ShapeGuard Zirconia Plus Polishers are designed as a 2-step system for zirconia finishing and polishing, and they are...
COLTENE’s DuoCem is an ideal material for the cementation of posts, crowns, or bridges. Suitable for a variety of indications, the...
SoloCem, COLTENE’s self-adhesive dual-curing resin cement, was recently launched in the United States and Canada. SoloCem’s one-step...
One Coat 7 Universal is a single-component, light-cured, universal adhesive from COLTENE that provides exceptional bonding strength to...
BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal submicron hybrid composite distinguished by easy polishability, gloss retention, ideal handling and...
COLTENE’s black tray material AFFINIS heavy body BLACK EDITION provides excellent readability of impressions when used with gold- or...
HyFlex EDM is the newest innovation in rotary endodontics, featuring unmatched strength, flexibility and cutting efficiency for the...
Coltene’s CanalPro Color Syringes (available in 10 mL and 5 mL) are color-coded for easy organizing and identification for irrigants and...
Affinis is a vinyl polysiloxane impression material that remains dimensionally stable after sterilization for an accurate and precise...
PerFect TCS II is a high frequency electrosurgery system designed to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency, greater precision and...
The Gi-Mask is the silicone-based gingival mask for precise reproduction of gingival contours around the margins. It maintains its...
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