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Cosmedent introduces Renamel NANO Plus. The Plus stands for excellent handling properties so you can easily place, shape, and sculpt your...
FlexiSAWs are stainless-steel serrated saws from Cosmedent that have been developed to give dentists complete control and ease of...
Cosmedent has developed an All Ceramic Polishing System that creates an excellent polish on zirconia, e.max, and other lithium...
Cosmedent’s GLOSS is a light-cure, 1-component acrylic varnish for intraoral use on temporary crown and bridge materials. GLOSS quickly...
Cosmedent, Inc MirrorImage Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Excellent strength, durability, and esthetics combine with ease of use to...
ADJUST is color matched to MirrorImage, Cosmedent’s temporary crown and bridge material, and is also compatible with all bisacryl...
This temporary resin cement creates an excellent seal, it is easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to re-seat, and it is easy to clean-up.
Cosmedent has extended the shade range of Creative Color by adding B-Zero to its line. Creative Color B-Zero was formulated to work with...
Available in a convenient auotmix delivery, ADHERE also offers patient benefits such as reliable adhesion and fast removal.
The kit is great for final contouring, finishing, and polishing, and help make characterization on esthetic restorations easy. The kit...
Designed to allow practitioners to finish and polish porcelain restorations chairside, Porcelain Polishers will help increase the...
Cosmedent’s Renamel Microhybrid shade B-Zero is a naturally esthetic white compositeshade that corresponds to VITA shade guide shade 1M1....
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