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With Kulzer’s Ivory ReLeaf, an HVE suction device that connects to existing dental vacuum systems, hygienists can obtain suction and...
The Pala Digital Dentures Starter Kit allows one to take an impression and record the vertical dimension, centric relation and bite on...
Flexitime Monophase ProScan is a first-class solution for all monophase indications including implant impressions, offering outstanding...
Pala Lab Putty provides exceptional accuracy and time-saving results. Available in two shore A hardness options, 65 and 90, its easy 1:1...
Joining the Modern Materials portfolio of stones, plasters, and waxes, Heraeus Kulzer’s new Modern Flow is a high-density, low-expanding...
Charisma ABC is a new hybrid composite that allows natural restorations with minimal effort. Its shade selection, creamy consistency, and...
Venus White’s three levels of whitening offer customized treatment, enhanced flexibility and superior results. Plus, our maintenance and...
Pala Digital Dentures utilizes cutting-edge 3D software to provide increased accuracy, create more comfortable dentures for patients, and...
Heraeus Precious Metal Refining is one of the leading dental alloy refiners in North America with over 50 years experience. We provide...
Orthodontic Tray Wax from Heraeus are used for impressions, covering brackets and wires. It is sticky enough to adhere without...
Modern Materials Utility Wax Square Ropes from Heraeus are sticky enough to adhere without softening, but are not too sticky to remove...
The iBond brand stands for high, reliable bond strength and is clinically proven to provide consistent results. iBond offers convenient...
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