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Absorbable Suture, Needle Combination(1)
Air Polishing and Air Abrasion(1)
Air-Driven Handpieces(1)
Carbides & Diamonds Rotary Instruments(3)
Carbides and Diamonds(1)
Finishing & Polishing Materials & Strips(2)
Finishing & Polishing Rotary Instruments(1)
Handpiece Accessories(8)
High-Speed Handpieces (air-driven)(6)
Low-Speed Handpieces (air-driven)(6)
Prophy Angles(2)
Small Equipment Miscellaneous(1)
Surgical Miscellaneous(1)
Ultrasonic Inserts(1)
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These single-use, single-handed polishing strips have an innovative handle design for easy, quick interproximal access, optimal control,...
Johnson-Promident introduces the Prometheus Coupler, a line of quick disconnect couplers with self-contained LED ¬ fiber optics that ¬...
Johnson-Promident's Diamond Composite Polishers are ideal for finishing and polishing all composites, creating a high-gloss luster even...
Johnson-Promident's Composite Discs are now available in a Single Patient Kit that reduces cross-contamination and is packaged in...
Johnson-Promident Deldent Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts are designed to work with all stack-type magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler units....
A special processing method allows for easy donning without coatings or powders. Neuskin Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves are 100% latex free and...
Johnson-Promident Clear Blue Digi 2.0 LED Curing Light Johnson-Promident’s Clear Blue Digi 2.0 LED Curing Light is portable, powerful,...
Quick bur changes can be made with the push-button chuck and improved locking system. Leading ABEC7 bearings with unique cage and...
The Deldent JetPolisher 2000 polishing unit is harmless to titanium surfaces and is the only polishing unit that has been cleared by the...
High-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing produce diamond burs that enable cutting with maximum precision and efficiency.
It has a lightweight, ergonomic design for better positioning and reduced fatigue and its 360 degree swivel provides better comfort and...
Johnson-Promident Carbide Burs are made of extremely hard tungsten carbide for excellent cutting efficiency with the ability to withstand...
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