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SafeGauze HemoStat is intended to safely and effectively manage topical wounds and temporarily control external surface bleeding.
: Designed with vibrant colors and a soft inner layer, SafeMask Master Series face masks provide customized protection and luxurious...
Medicom introduces Duraflor Ultra, the next generation of white fluoride varnish offering our fast fluoride release. Duraflor Ultra’s...
Duraflor Halo is a sanitary unit dose of white 5% fluoride varnish from Medicom that comes in a simple peel-and-apply one-step package....
Perfect for patient appointments and exams, these low barrier masks offer primary protection for procedures involving very light dust,...
Crafted in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Medicom SafeSeal® Quattro pouches are mechanically sealed using TruePress™...
Medicom’s Safe+Mask TailorMade mask provides customized protection and comfort.
Nonwoven Sponges SafeGauze nonwoven sponges are soft, nonlinting, and absorbent. SafeGauze nonwoven sponges from Medicom are intended...
SafeGauze Green Nonwoven Gauze Sponges Medicom Eco-friendly SafeGauze Green is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and pesticide- and...
Microban Instant Hand Sanitizer from Medicom is an antiseptic solution with high alcohol concentrations to help reduce the risk of...
Medicom's Safe+Mask Sof Skin earloop mask combines optimal protection with exceptional comfort.
SafeTBarriers are disposable covers that are ideal for keeping routinely touched operatory equipment free of harmful bacteria caused by...
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