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This air-powered scaler handpiece offers excellent power, low noise, and features a lightweight design.
This handpiece offers superior torque and cutting power at 400,000 rpm in a package that is streamlined, lightweight, and ideally...
The high-torque, low-speed handpiece is balanced to reduce hand and arm fatigue and fits all straight burs, doriot attachments, and...
The Master Lube-Free E-Type Motor features high torque and smooth operation. It is self lubricating and fits all E-type attachments. In...
Illuminated Handpiece Shines a Light on Mirrors and Dental Problems MTI Dental Introduces Vivid The Vivid handpiece can help dental...
The air-powered ScaleMaster features improved ergonomics, lightweight design, and is available in several color choices. ScaleMaster is...
This is vital for achieving excellent results and helps avoid apical perforation or over-instrumentation of the canal, and limits...
Master Prophy AirLite is a lightweight handpiece designed to minimize hand fatigue and increase patient comfort.An evaluator with 21...
The 333, 336 (push-button), and 338 (fiber optic PB) high speeds handpieces use premium quality canister-type turbines (angular).
Manufactured in the US, these handpieces will withstand years of operatory and laboratory use. Lube-free handpieces help to save time and...
Super reliability and low noise make it a pleasure to use. Lynx 336 push-button high-speed and Lynx 338 fiberoptic push-button high-speed...
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