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OrthoEssentials’ BitePod is a unit that produces low-frequency sonic vibrations to help improve oral hygiene, reduce pressure and pain,...
The Super Screw is friction coated to prevent relapse and its strong body design results in true parallel maxillary expansion.
OrthoEssentials announces the addition of their line of Bicuspid Bands, Weldable Brackets, Molar Bands and Tubes, and their Ceramic Bracket.
OrthoEssentials announces its new and Improved Imperial II Series Pliers. The company has made a number of major manufacturing changes...
The wire is flat and is excellent for the fabrication of Lingual Retainers and will provide the clinician with a lower cost alternative...
It is very user friendly with 4 working modes: from 5 seconds to pulse mode at 20 seconds. The unit also sports a powerful battery with a...
Select Defense Enamel Surface Sealant contains Selenium which will greatly reduce plaque build up around orthodontic brackets. Select...
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