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Straightforward, light, and multifunctional, the Real Hi-T intraoral camera from Owandy captures true-to-life images.
Owandy's Visteo wireless intraoral sensor provides freedom of movement and ease of diagnosis.
The I-Max Touch is a new-generation device combining simplicity with technical excellence, enabling the operator to use an intuitive...
I-Max Plus from Owandy is a dualsystem digital panoramic unit. The I-Max Plus features 12 examination programs, 18 anatomical programs,...
The Krystal-X Easy digital x-ray sensor includes both wired and wireless options. Owandy Krystal-X Easy digital sensors, which have...
The I-Max Touch is upgradeable with tomography and cephalometry modules. Unlike other digital pans with built-in obsolescence, this is...
Four teeth can be x-rayed in the same high-definition image, and Krystal- X helps frame the teeth to be imaged. Images can be captured...
With a capture button located on each side (front and back), obtaining still images no longer requires uncomfortable bends or twists....
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