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Practicon’s silicone Cool Cassette 2 instrument trays incorporate a number of improvements based on feedback from users, including larger...
Soothing for patients before, during, and after appointments, Personalized Mini Lip Balms, from Practicon, make a great giveaway for...
While existing products work well to identify fractures and isolate pain associated with a single cusp, their hard plastic construction...
SmileGoods IndiFloss sachets, from Practicon, help patients practice good dental hygiene wherever they go. Each handy, single-use packet...
Crowns and veneers can be slippery and difficult to grasp with fingers while preparing them for delivery. Practicon’s VacuGrip uses the...
Practicon’s SensorGuard reduces the possibility of damage to expensive digital sensor cables by encasing them at the sensor with a tough...
Don’t settle for ordinary appliance cases when Practicon’s Building Box Retainer Cases offer the same protection as other styles and let...
Practicon’s VacGuard HVE Screens reduce painful tissue plugs while preventing object aspiration. The extended design stays in place...
SmileGoods PikPak Interproximal Cleaners, from Practicon, feature soft elastic bristles and flexible tapered handle that are safe and...
Bring a little fun to your everyday patient giveaways while promoting excellent home care with SmileGoods Molar-shaped Dental Floss...
Patients appreciate extra attention to their comfort while in the dental chair, and Practicon’s SmileGoods Mini Lip Balms enable patients...
Made of a soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomer, Practicon’s ToothShield mouth protector adapts to virtually any size mouth instantly...
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