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The Bravo17V also comes standard with 5 sterilization trays, increasing load capacity and office efficiency. The Bravo21V, with a 21 L...
The STATIS 6.1 Low Speed Attachment from SciCan is an accessory for the prophylaxis. It features an extra small head that allows for easy...
The STATIS 4.1 Low Speed Attachment from SciCan reaches rotational drill speeds up to 10,000 RPM, making it an ideal tool for removing...
This is the STATIS 1.1 Low Speed Attachment from SciCan.
The E-STATIS Prep Dental Handpiece Motor from SciCan provides customizable settings for up to eight preparatory procedures and features a...
The Connex L coupling from SciCan is a lightweight device with ultra-bright LED lights that illuminate any dental procedure. It is a 6...
The Connex LED coupling from SciCan is a lightweight swivel featuring ultra-bright LED lights that illuminate any dental procedure. This...
SciCan's innovative HYDRIM C61w G4 instrument washer automatically washes, rinses, and dries dental instruments at the touch of a single...
Fast Forward The STATIM G4 Autoclave by SciCanSTATIM G4 delivers the same fast, efficient results, while adding a new online portal to...
The Statim Cassette Autoclave is a compact table-top unit is designed for the efficient, economical, and rapid steam sterilization of...
NEW! SciCan's BRAVO Sterilizer SciCan Inc. proudly introduces our new Bravo fractionated vacuum autoclave. Bravo is available in 120V and...
Polysil super hydrophilic is a VPS impression material specifically formulated to deliver excellent wettability and to significantly...
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