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Shofu’s Beautifi l II is an example of one such product because it aims to create restorations with optical characteristics of natural...
Shofu introduces HC Blocks/Discs—proprietary hybrid ceramic materials for CAD/CAM-based restorative dentistry with CEREC—and a collection...
Shofu has extended their BurButler product line, which now includes a 5-, 10-, and 25- hole base configuration. Mix and match FG, CA, HP...
Designed for finishing of anterior composite restorations, Shofu's Artistic Composite Kit features a selection of diamonds, carbides, and...
Shofu’s PRG Barrier Coat treats dental hypersensitivity by providing immediate and long lasting relief.
Ceramiste Polishers from Shofu Dental Corp are designed for polishing porcelains and enamel. Ceramiste Soft PA and PB are used for...
Shofu Dental Corp's Ceramiste Polishers are silicon carbide impregnated polishers designed for polishing porcelains and enamel. ...
A carefully balanced blend of diamond particles produces the smoothest finish and luster on any composite restoration.
Available in 3 different grits, Standard polishers (no band) are for prepolishing, Ultra (yellow band) for polishing, and Ultra II (white...
The unique blends of diamond particles make CeraMaster Coarse and CeraMaster the best choice for porcelain polishing.
A significant feature is the beveled cutting surface, fashioned to eliminate lacerating adjacent tissue or undercutting the axial wall...
These precision rotary instruments are ideal for cavity and crown preparation. The special coating technology provides exact, uniform...
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