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Tubulitec Primer consists of shellac (a natural resin) dissolved in alcohol with i.a. benzalkonium chloride. This primer penetrates dried...
Tubulitec Liner contains i.a. polystyrene and copaiba balsam dissolved in ethyl acetate. The liner is applied over the primer.
For cleaning of root canals and tubules.
Mixing Pads are made out of parchment and used for mixing dental materials. Easy to use, simple pull-off sheets Disposable
CR also creates an excellent marginal seal, preventing leakage of oral fluids and bacteria under the prosthesis that can cause...
It has excellent compressive and tensile strength and provides a superior marginal seal. The hand-mixed TNE comes in 2 syringes, and the...
Patterson Lead-Free Protective Aprons are made from lead-free, nontoxic, biodegradable barium composite. • Environmentally friendly •...
It is superior in minimizing microleakage and inhibiting microbial or bacterial growth. Temrex Cement is compatible with both polymethyl...
Under the JR Rand label, Temrex offers dentists Contour Matrix Bands. Made of US Medical Grade stainless steel, both the clinician and...
DuraTemp from Temrex is a bis-acryl temporary crown and bridge material used for temporary crowns, temporary bridges, temporary inlays...
Temrex's V-Bond is a veneer bonding system with superior strength that promotes void-free margins. It is available in 3 basic shades that...
After an in-office consultation, the dentist gives the complete system to the patient for an at-home whitening program. The unique...
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