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Crafted in Germany from 100% stainless steel, the Plus Series Forceps are the newest addition to the A. Titan line of atraumatic...
RS3 Razor Sharp Sutures from A. Titan Instruments have a smooth polished surface, stainless steel needles to eliminate flex and fracture,...
A. Titan’s HyLite scalers and curettes are manufactured from chemically treated 440A stainless steel. Specially formulated, the fully...
The XOTOME is a hybrid, a cross between the periotome and a root elevator. Severing of the periodontal ligament and creating space along...
The Titanium Implant scalers and curettes are A. Titan’s newest advancement in implant maintenance instrumentation. Made from 6AL-4V...
A. Titan's Athena Titanium Implant Curettes are made from 6AL-4V titanium alloy for excellent sharpness and feature color-coded handles...
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