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Designed for the general dentist and endodontist, Ultradent’s Unicore Accessory Posts work to fill voids in the root canal, improving the...
Ultradent’s Mosaic universal composite can be used for all restorative purposes as its well-balanced nanohybrid formula can produce...
Ultradent’s VALO Grand curing light features all the benefits of the award-winning VALO light, but with a larger head size and 50% bigger...
Ultradent’s Thermo Clone VPS impression material is specially engineered to be reliable and consistent. It’s temperature sensitive nature...
Ultradent’s NaviTip tips are ideal every step in a root canal procedure. The cannula of each tip is slightly rigid through the base and...
UltraCal XS, from Ultradent, is a calcium hydroxide paste (pH 12.5) that is formulated with an aqueous consistency and radiopaque...
Ultradent’s UltraTemp REZ temporary resin cement features a hydrophilic formula that is ideal for the retention of interim restorations...
Ultradent’s MTA Flow (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is a repair cement made especially for pulpotomies, pulp capping, rootend filling,...
Ultradent’s Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser is the first dual-wavelength soft-tissue diode laser to be offered in the United States. This...
The V3 Sectional Matrix System has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix ring, producing anatomically accurate Class II...
The adaptable Genius endodontic motor from Ultradent is designed for reciprocating and rotary files, providing both safety and...
Compatible with both reciprocating and rotating movement, Ultradent’s Genius files provide safety and efficiency during every endodontic...
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