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VOCO is proud to present the Celalux 3 the next generation in high-performance LED polymerization devices.
Easy Glaze is a nano-filled light cured liquid polish and surface sealant
Rebilda Form are core build-up forms for cases of severely disrupted teeth with or without the use of an endodontic post.
Admira Fusion x-tra is the world's first all ceramic-based direct bulk-fill restorative material.
Provicol QM Plus is a high rententive non-eugenol temporary cement with calcium hydroxide which reduces sensitivities and has a...
Final Varnish LC is a light-cured varnish for sealing of glass ionomer fillings.
Clip Flow is a flowable, light-cured temporary filling material.
VOCO's Rebilda Post GT is a glass fiber-reinforced resin post system for core buildups with varying sizes of fine individual posts (0.3...
Admira Fusion x-base is a flowable bulk fill that offers reliable curing with layer thicknesses of up to 4 mm.
VOCO introduces Grandio blocs, the 86% filled nanoceramic resin hybrid CAD/CAM block indicated for crowns, inlays/ onlays, veneers, and...
VOCO’s V-Posil VPS impression system offers up to 2 minutes of adjustable working time, giving the practitioner control over the pace of...
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