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Whip Mix announces the Asiga MAX, one of the most advanced digital dental 3D printers offering exceptional productivity in a small...
Whip Mix announces the introduction of ResinVest phosphate investment, made specifi cally for burning out printed resin removable partial...
Whip Mix introduces SinterPro, a nextgeneration Sintering Furnace. The furnace features 30 user programs and 4 stages, which optimize...
Whip Mix announces it is the exclusive distributer for Asiga 3D printers in the dental market for North America. Asiga 3D printers are...
Whip Mix’s Electric Occlusal Rim Former offers the technician, the dentist, or the dental student the ability to create the ideal shape...
Ardent Horseshoe Style/Full Arch Articulating Paper from Whip-Mix is high quality articulating paper that promises accurate positive...
The General Purpose Vibrator from Whip-Mix is indicated for effortless pouring of plaster while debubbling the mixture. Has strong...
Hard Rock Die Stone from Whip-Mix is a high-strength, high-expansion die stone ideal for polyvinyl or polyether impression materials....
Whip-Mix Mounting Stone is a very hard, quick setting gypsum material ideal for mounting casts to articulators. Designed with a low...
Whip-Mix Casting Rings are manufactured from stainless steel or pyronel alloy metal. Casting rings will maintain precision-fitted and...
Hanau Alcohol Torch from Whip-Mix creates a wide range of flames to suit your needs from intense needle point to a mild brushing flame,...
Snap-Stone from Whip-Mix is an extremely fast setting stone with an early high compressive strength, causing the cast to separate from...
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