Microlux with Proximal Caries Attachment

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AdDent introduces a new and improved plug in accessory for its Microlux Diagnostic System–the Proximal Caries Light Guide. This attachment uses a 0.75 mm diameter disposable fiber light guide that allows the dentist to easily slide the fiber through the posterior interproximal space. This technique permits visualization of proximal caries as a shadow on the occlusal surface with the use of transillumination. It can show incipient proximal caries not visible on a standard x-ray. Other accessory guides available for the Microlux System are: 2 mm and 3 mm glass light guides, DL oral cancer screener, autoclavable lighted mirror, 1 mm Endo Fiber, and a 0.75 mm Perio Probe.




Handheld Microscope Identifies Cancer Cells with New Technology Developed by UW Researchers

A new handheld, pen-sized microscope could identify cancer cells in doctor’s offices and operating rooms, reports the University of Washington .  UW mechanical engineers are developing a handheld microscope to help doctors and dentists distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in an office setting or operating room.  The pen-sized microscope combines technologies to deliver high-quality images at faster speeds than existing devices. It has a high enough resolution to detect changes at a cellular level, which can improve a dentist’s assessment of an oral lesion, perhaps avoiding unnecessary biopsies.   The miniature microscope uses an innovative...

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Microlux with Proximal Caries Attachment
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