Microtip Applicator Tips

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Microtip is a bendable applicator tip that fits into a 4-1/2" double-ended handle. This applicator is used for applying sealants, bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions. • Nonlinting, nonabsorbent fiber tips • The bendable neck facilitates the placement of material in difficult areas without dripping or spilling • Contains four double-ended autoclavable handles and 500 applicator tips




Put a Ring on It—the Right Way

Are you getting the most benefit from your ring? If you’re using the Microbrush ContactPro® Ring , you may see some differences between it and other rings—but did you know those differences impact how best to use it? The ring provides consistent clamping force and a strong seal,...

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Working Hard, Working Smart

Life is full of hard-working helpers who don’t get the credit they deserve: the digital video recorder that remembers to capture a favorite show when you forget it’s on, a sturdy phone case that prevents a smashed screen even after repeated drops and even the local barista who knows your...

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Microtip Applicator Tips
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