NTI Green Silicone Polishers

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NTI Polishers offer a variety of shapes, sizes and shanks for adjusting and polishing on composites, acrylics, alloys and gold. It is recommended that NTI Polishers be used in sequence with slower speed and lighter pressure to achieve the highest polish possible. Recommended speed 5000 to 7000 rpm High shine: alloys, amalgam, composite, gold Autoclavable

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NTI Green Silicone Polishers - Handpiece, 10/Pkg - Bullet
Sku# P0141
NTI Green Silicone Polishers - Handpiece, 10/Pkg - Knife Edge
Sku# P0142-150
NTI Green Silicone Polishers - Handpiece, 10/Pkg - Large Point
Sku# P0144
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NTI Green Silicone Polishers
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