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NUPRO White Varnish is a uniquely formulated varnish with rapid fluoride release for hypersensitivity relief. Its patent-pending formulation is designed to minimize clumping and can be applied with no dripping or stringing—eliminating some of the biggest frustrations clinicians experience when using fluoride varnish. Plus, NUPRO White Varnish can be applied to a wet tooth—eliminating the need to dry the tooth and saving clinician time. It spreads easily on the teeth, leaving a uniform film and is easy to see during application, setting to a clear finish. The unit dose offers flexible handling options for the clinician—the dose cup can be snapped onto the NUPRO prophy grip, held between fingers or set on a flat surface.1 NUPRO White Varnish allows for the rapid release of fluoride—7 times more fluoride released in 2 hours than the leading varnish brand. 2 It also has a shorter wear time compared to other varnish brands—only 2 hours.1 Shorter wear time, in addition to its patient-pleasing flavor choices, offers a positive patient experience. Clinicians can request free samples and find additional information on the NUPRO White varnish website:

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NUPRO 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish - Grape, 0.4 g, 100/Pkg
Sku# 130211
NUPRO 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish - Grape, 0.4 g, 50/Pkg
Sku# 130210
NUPRO 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish - Grape, 0.4 g, 500/Pkg
Sku# 130212
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NUPRO White Varnish Fluoride Varnish NUPRO White Varnish is formulated for ease of application and rapid fluoride release. When a North Carolina hygienist told the practice’s other 4 hygienists that she was evaluating DENTSPLY’s NUPRO White Varnish, they asked to try a sample. “Once they tried it, they kept coming back for more rather than using the in-office brand we use,” she said. This same evaluator, with 29 years of experience, called the varnish much better than similar products, and reported that she would definitely purchase ...

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Best Product: NUPRO White Varnish

    NUPRO White Varnish is formulated for ease of application and rapid fluoride release.   Uniquely formulated for hypersensitivity relief, NUPRO White Varnish releases more than 7 times the amount of fluoride over a 2-hour period than competitive fluoride varnishes, decreasing wear time and improving patient acceptance. The varnish comes in 4 flavors, and goes on white and sets clear.   Ease of Use (Consistency and Application)   Because of its white color, NUPRO White Varnish is easy to see during application. With a unique formula that minimizes clumping...

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Nupro White Varnish
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