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Saliva, blood, and phosphoric acid contain phosphates that have been scientifically proven to chemically bond to zirconia surfaces. These bonded phosphate groups cannot be easily removed from the zirconia surface by standard cleaning procedures, and they are proven to negatively impact cement retention. By using NuSmile’s Try-In crown, a dental practitioner ensures that the surface of the crown to be cemented is not contaminated and eliminates the need for extra cleaning and preparation steps. NuSmile is committed to pediatric dentistry and manufactures and distributes high quality, esthetic crowns for primary dentition. The NuSmile Try-In Crowns ensure success and a long-lasting restoration.




Evaluator Perspective: Product Enlightenment

I have 3 goals when I attend the CDA: product enlightenment (what’s new out there), what can I see and learn that will benefit my practice and my patients, and camaraderie with my peers. It’s safe to say that I achieved all 3 goals this year. I recently used...

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From the Press Room: NuSmile’s BioCem

NuSmile hosted a press conference—led by Mark Binford, Senior Vice President of Product Development—on Thursday, February 26, to highlight its major breakthrough in cements: BioCem, a universal bioactive cement for ceramic restorations that launched earlier this month. The presentation was titled "What’s Inside Matters", focusing heavily on pediatric dentistry and...

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NuSmile Try-In Crowns
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