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NV Microlaser

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NV MicroLaser

NV Microlaser

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Portable Diode Laser

Dentistry’s first microlaser, the pocket-size, wireless NV MicroLaser is completely portable yet just as powerful as conventional soft-tissue lasers.

The NV Microlaser from DenMat puts diode laser technology in your hand with a convenient, cordless device.  The first of its kind, it is one of the smallest, lightest lasers on the market. NV is activated by a wireless foot pedal, providing better flexibility and mobility than hand-activated lasers, while allowing unobstructed access and visibility with posterior procedures without finger fatigue or loss of dexterity.

As dentistry’s first completely wireless laser, NV’s lasing function is controlled with a 2.4-GHz foot pedal; a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the micro diode. Custom features include preset procedures, pre-threaded disposable tips, an intelligent gravity sensor, and a compact charger that simultaneously charges 3 batteries in less than an hour and also serves as a between-procedure resting place.


All 9 dentists who evaluated the NV MicroLaser rated its overall portability and its size/weight as excellent. Usefulness of NV’s wireless design was rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 2.

One dentist called portability the “patient wow factor” and another said, “That’s why we purchased it.” Comparing its size to that of a fountain pen, 1 evaluator called it “instantly portable due to its size and cordless design…super convenient.” The dentist who called it “as light as a highlighter pen…you can’t make a laser any smaller or lighter” also said the wireless foot pedal “cuts down on the clutter of wires/hoses in the operatory.” Two evaluators reported “plenty of [battery] power” throughout procedures.

Precision and Ease of Use

When evaluators were asked about precision during procedures, NV—rated as excellent by 5 dentists and as very good by 4—was described as “the same as other diodes” and “a precise tool for gingival contouring and periodontal treatment.” One dentist noted that “small size and light weight allows for better precision.”

Ease of use was rated as excellent by 8 evaluators and as very good by 1. One evaluator said it “can deactivate relatively easily…sometimes, the key can turn slightly on the foot pedal.” The evaluator who called it “simple… light weight allows me to use it on many patients each day” also described it as “very well designed and easy to maneuver into the tightest, smallest environments.” The dentist who called it “super easy to use…handles like a dental handpiece—balanced and comfortable” also called the learning curve “quite small.” One dentist “could use more literature for patient education.”

Custom Features (Preset Procedures, Disposable Tips)

Power settings for 8 of the most common soft-tissue laser procedures are pre-programmed into the NV, and precisely placed magnets align and secure tips for exact fiber connection.

The usefulness of NV’s preset procedures was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 1, and as good by 3. One evaluator said the preset procedure menu “removes all guesswork concerning the power-mode decision.” Another dentist said, “All I need to do is darken the tip with a marker, set the procedure to the preset calibration, and start.”

NV’s disposable tips were rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 2. One evaluator called them “the only way to go with a diode. By eliminating fiber management, NV becomes a device you use frequently rather than occasionally.”

Overall Satisfaction

All 9 evaluators said they would definitely recommend NV to colleagues; 8 said they would definitely purchase it and 1 said probably. One evaluator called it “easily the most portable [laser]. You carry the wireless foot pedal and put the laser in your pocket with the sealed disposable tip.” Two dentists reported “little or no patient discomfort” and 1 evaluator said, “The 3 Ps in laser dentistry are portability, power, and proficiency. The NV delivers them perfectly.” Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 8 evaluators and as very good by 1.

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I LOVE my laser!!! April 02, 2014


retiredlaserlover from Wausau

I purchased this NV Microlaser in 2007. At that time it was a "Zap Styla" laser, Zap being the parent company. I owned and used this laser through several sales of the company, but it didn't matter. This little unit was excellent, and as it became part of Discus Dental's line, (renamed the NV laser), then Phillips, then Zila, I always was able to get the disposable tips, and the support people were great. I understand Zila lasers have now been purchased by DenMat. My favorite instrument has another new family!
I did the online training after I purchased the Microlaser, and after stalling the use of it, I finally jumped in with both feet, and began using it on patients. What a remarkable instrument. I used it for every crown prep I did from that day on, and never packed cord again. I used it for frenectomies on children, with just topical anesthetic. I did fibroma removals, periodontal treatments, and much more. It is amazing for treating aphthous ulcers and cold sores. (Great practice builder, as a "free" treatment of cold sores, patients think you are amazing!) After using the laser for 2 years I finally managed to get to the 2 day laser certification course that was part of the purchase price of the laser. At that course, I also purchased the DVDs for procedures. What I discovered, was that I already used the laser for nearly every procedure covered in the DVD series!My husband partner and I sold our practice this year, and I am seriously considering purchasing a new laser, another Zila NV Microlaser, for my own use, since my "favorite instrument" went with the sale of our practice. I think this laser was the best investment in equipment I made in the last 10 years of our practice. It made my life as a general dentist easier, more fun, and more progressive. I keep telling my colleague friends they NEED to buy a laser, and I'll even do free training. Zila, (or DenMat, now) could use me as a sales rep, I like this instrument so much!

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Wouldnt purchase April 02, 2014


Jeff from AZ Arizona

I had the sales rep bring this to my office when I was trying to decide which laser to purchase, and I hated this one.
The rep couldnt get the code entered and then when we finally unlocked it, it times out very quickly. It was extremely slow with the presettings and didnt do what was advertised.
I would not recommend purchasing

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