OSSIF-i sem Demineralized Sponge Strip - 20 mm

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OSSIF-i sem Sponge Strip is a demineralized cancellous strip made by using acid extraction of the mineralized components of the bone, resulting in the preservation of the inherent bone matrix. The resulting porous sponge strip can be compressed to one-third of its original size and spring back. OSSIF-i sem Sponge Strip is manufactured so that osteoinductive activity is preserved. Excellent handling: Compresses to one-third of its size and springs back Uniquely resistant to tearing Can be folded over an edge Easily cut and adjusted Sponge consistency saturates easily, providing an excellent carrier Uses include: Ridge augmentation In conjunction with implant placement Periodontal defects, especially non-surrounded type defects Recession defects

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OSSIF-i sem Demineralized Sponge Strip - 20 mm
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