Palodent Sectional Matrix System - BiTine II Ring Refill, 2/:Pkg

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Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System from Caulk uses a super-elastic nickel-titanium ring, interproximal wedge, WedgeGuard and sectional matrices for easy and accurate placement of restorations in the posterior region. The narrow, retaining rings provide consistent tooth separation force, memory retention and exceptional stability; wedges are designed for easy placement, stacking and minimal invasion of soft tissue with the assistance of V-shaped tines that accommodate the wedge on both sides; WedgeGuards protect the adjacent tooth from bur damage during prep; and matrices have a micro-thin, non-stick finish that makes matrix removal easier. Rings may be used alone or stacked for simultaneous use for restoration of multiple surfaces, and they maintain a fit on the tooth that compliments the wedge, minimizing required finishing. Both the rings and matrices include natural contours for better control of contact areas, easier placement, better visualization of the operative field, and additional comfort for the clinician and patient. Eliminating the leverage of a conventional matrix retainer allows the clinician to use less tension, avoiding excessive compression of teeth and easier formation of anatomical proximal contact areas.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Palodent Sectional Matrix System - BiTine II Ring Refill, 2/:Pkg

Palodent Sectional Matrix System Mini-Matrices, 50/Pkg
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Palodent Sectional Matrix System Plus-Matrices, 50/Pkg
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Palodent Sectional Matrix System BiTine Ring Refill, 4/Pkg
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Palodent Sectional Matrix System - BiTine II Ring Refill, 2/:Pkg
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