Pearl Dental Floss Dispenser

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The Pearl dental floss dispenser eliminates office clutter and optimizes counter space, requires minimal wall space, and installs easily—simply peel and stick to any wall. The Pearl dental floss dispenser is also long lasting as it provides 100 m/109 yd of floss in the roll.*Oralgem holds a Medical Device Establishment License with Health Canada but has not yet applied with the USFDA.

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Great product!
I recently purchased the Pearl dispenser for my home bathroom. It was recommended to me by my dentist in order to help remind me to floss. It does work! On the wall I can now just reach put and pull on the floss. No more wasting time looking for the small dispenser. The dispenser looks really nice and works perfectly. I highly recommend the product. Aliona
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Pearl Dental Floss Dispenser
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