PerioMed Oral Rinse Concentrate

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PerioMed 0.63% stannous fluoride oral rinse concentrate provides consistent stannous and fluoride ion bioavailability and reduces tooth sensitivity and gingival inflammation, helps inhibit plaque buildup, helps prevent demineralization, and promotes remineralization. This prescription antimicrobial product by 3M ESPE is antimicrobial, alcohol-free, and has a 4-year shelf life. It is available in a 10-oz bottle with pump in mint, tropical fruit, and cinnamon flavors.

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PerioMed� 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Oral Rinse Concentrate � Mint Flavor � 10 oz bottle with pump (24 bottles/case)
Sku# 12105M
PerioMed� 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Oral Rinse Concentrate � Tropical Fruit Flavor � 10 oz bottle with pump (24 bottles/case)
Sku# 12105F




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perio med
We previously had this product at our office for purchase. We had a great response and great success with the product.
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PerioMed Oral Rinse Concentrate
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