Permabond Adhesive

Product Description
Taub's Permabond Adhesive is used for cementation of pins, repair of models and dies, and for positioning work before soldering. It is a ready-to-use adhesive that requires no catalyst. Permabond 102 cement bonds stone or plastic and sets in 40 seconds. Permabond 910 bonds metal to metal and sets in 40 seconds. Permabond Adhesive can also be used for sealing/hardening dies.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Permabond Adhesive

Permabond Adhesive 102 Regular Set, 1 oz Bottle
Technical Specification
Set Time: Regular
Minute Stain 7 Color Kit - Minute Stain 7 Color Kit
Technical Specification
Color: Blue
Contains: 7 (6 cc) bottles of color shades: brown, yellow, cervical blend, pink, grey, blue and white
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 102
Permabond Adhesive - 5 (3 gm) Tubes - Methyl
Sku# 910

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Permabond Adhesive
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