Platinum 85 Zetalabor

Product Description
Platinum 85 Zetalabor from Zhermack is a high precision laboratory A-silicone designed for laboratory use. The new development is indicated by the application of polyvinylsiloxane, a unique easy-to-use procedure, which provides extraordinary results. Ideal for replication of denture moulds, die in full dentures, control matrix for the creation of metal structure, matrix support for the working of metal free aesthetic materials, and isolation and protection of a denture from high temperatures in a flask. Material is very flowable allowing for effortless handling and detail definition. Has heat resistance of over 200 C and is dimensionally stable. Platinum 85 Zetalabor has linear variation of -0.058% after 24 hours.

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Platinum 85 Zetalabor - Laboratory A-Silicone, Formulated 1 kg Tub, 2/Pkg
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Final Set Hardness: 85A durometer
Mixing Requirements: 30 seconds
Package Quantity: 2/Pkg
Set Time: 6 minutes
Size: 1 kg Tub
Working Time: 2 minutes
Sku# C400725
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Platinum 85 Zetalabor
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