Precision Irrigator

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Precision Irrigator™ from Vista Dental are designed for microendodontic and restorative procedures. Adapts to all luer-lock style needle tips and can be used with most a/w syringes! Irrigators are safe, easy to use, and available in two sizes - Standard 2"? and XL 3.5"?. The package includes 1 Precision Irrigator™ and 5 blue-flo tips.

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Precision Irrigators - Standard 2" Length
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 Precision Irrigator 2" length and 5 Blue-Flo tips
Length: 2" Length
Lengths Available: 2"
Size: Standard
Sku# 315260
Precision Irrigators - XL 3.5" Length
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 Precision Irrigator 3.5" length and 5 Blue-Flo tips
Length: 3.5" Length
Lengths Available: 3.5"
Size: XL
Sku# 315265




The importance of irrigation and PUI in modern endodontics

The goal of root canal cleaning and shaping is the removal of vital or necrotic tissue, microorganisms, and their by-products while providing space for placing obturation material. The ultimate goal is the complete removal and disinfection of the endodontic space. The tools used in mechanical enlargement of the root canal space are unable to conform to the intricate root canal anatomy. It has been shown that conventional instrumentation leaves as much as 35% of the canal anatomy untouched. Instrumentation and irrigation, although important factors in canal disinfection, cannot in themselves be relied upon for optimal canal cleanliness. As the...

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Precision Irrigator
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