PreXion3D Eclipse

Product Description
PreXion’s “3D Viewer” software contains a number of modules for creating 3D images along with 2D panoramic views in real-time. The images are reconstructed to DICOM format for compatibility with a variety of third-party software packages. With an 11 x 7 field of view, the PreXion3D’s 1:1 imaging scale provides an optimum balance between image resolution and field of view. The Eclipse offers four 3D scanning modes: light, high-definition (standard mode), ultra high-definition, and a new “wide mode” feature that enables the clinician to capture full upper and lower dental arches, including the entire third molar region. The PreXion 3D Eclipse CBCT scanner is designed for dental offices that perform in-office surgical implant procedures and use 3D imaging for diagnosis in general dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, along with planning in oral-maxillofacial surgery. The Eclipse has a compact design with dimensions of 49 in (W) x 52 in (D) x 79 in (H) without ceph and 71 in (W) x 52 in (D) x 79 in (H) with ceph.


PreXion3D Eclipse
Technical Specification
Cephalo Reconstruction: Optional
DICOM Export: Yes
Field of View Available: 8 x 8 cm, 11 x 7 cm
Focal Spot: 0.2 mm
Footprint: 201 x 124 x 132 cm, With Cephalometric Module: 201 x 180 x 132 cm
Gray Scale: 14 bit
Image Detector: CsI Flat Panel
Included Software: Prexion 3D Viewer, 3D Movie Maker, Customizable Implant Library
Installation Included: Yes
Panoramic Reconstuction: Yes
Patient Positioning: Seated
Plate Dimensions: FOV 81 x 75 mm, Wide FOV 113 x 72 mm
Primary Reconstruction Time: <30 sec (s)
Software OS: Windows
Training Included: Yes
Volume Reconstruction: Yes
Voxel Size: 0.15 mm
Warranty: Diamond Coverage, Direct Support
Unit of Time: sec (s)
Views: LA - PA - Carpus Ceph Views
Scan Time Light: 8.7
Scan Time Ultra HD: 17.4
Scan Time Wide Mode: 18.2
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An Evolutionary Step in CBCT

Over the years, CBCT has grown to play an important role in dental treatment planning and diagnosis. Producing high-quality scans that can be manipulated and visualized with software, CBCT provides clinicians with an unprecedented level of visibility and information allowing for more accurate, effective patient care. As a result, CBCT has found key applications in many areas of dentistry including, but not limited to, implant placement, bone quality studies, pathology, periodontics and endodontics. Building on their previous advancements in DICOM image processing and software visualization, PreXion has launched the PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT scanner. The PreXion3D Excelsior couples...

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PreXion3D Eclipse
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