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3Shape CAMbridge Software

As orders are ready for manufacturing, CAMbridge automatically prepares the completed digital designs for the selected material and corresponding manufacturing equipment. CAMbridge is fully integrated with Dental System, automatically exchanging complete order information and manufacturing progress.

3Shape Dental System D500 Entry Level Scanner

3Shape’s D500 series scanner is designed for small to medium-sized labs looking for an easy entry into CAD/CAM digital dentistry.

Angled Tapered Abutment

Zimmer's Angled Tapered Abutment offers clinicians with the flexibility to place implants off-axis and choose from multiple surgical protocols—including immediate load and screw-retained restorations—to best meet the specific restorative needs of their patients.

EA-30 Electric Motor

The EA-30 electric motor is an optimal choice for restorative dentistry. It's a fully integrated motor without the endodontic capabilities.

EA-52LED Electric Motor

The EA-52LED electric motor is a fully integrated electric motor that combines endodontic capabilities with superior LED lighting.

Implant Instruments

The ergonomically designed implant instruments from American Eagle Instruments are crafted from medical grade titanium and will not scratch or damage titanium implants.

mirror magic Anti-fog System

Zirc’s  mirror magic Anti-fog System prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and provides the practitioner a quick method for debris removal.

VioNexus Foaming Soap with Vitamin E

VioNexus Foaming Soap with Vitamin E is a refreshing plumeria-apple fragranced soap that is pH balanced and hypoallergenic. This soap is nonirritating and leaves hands feeling smooth and soft.

"SUPER CLAMP" Mini Dam Isolation Barrier

The "Super Clamp" protects the tongue and cheeks, helps the patient and the dentist feel more comfortable.

1.25mmD Hex Drivers

1.25mmD Hex Drivers from Zimmer offer superior retention and performance. They are designed for use with all Zimmer screws and components with a 1.25-mm (0.50-inch) internal hex.

10 mm Size Added to VITA ENAMIC

VITA ENAMIC is now available in high translucency 10 mm blocks. The 10 mm size (8 x 10 x 15 mm) is offered in 3D-Master shades 0M1, 1M1, 1M2, 2M2, and 3M2 and is ideal for inlays and onlays.

1064 XLASE

The new 1064 XLASE from Technology4Medicine is the first dental laser to provide video instruction on the control screen.

1340MD Light

Dental operating light.

151-Z and 151L-Z Carbides

Designed using the latest in computer-controlled equipment to ensure premium quality and optimal results, Microcopy’s 151L cutting tip and 6 helical cutting blades make it ideal for sectioning an impacted wisdom tooth before its extraction.


The 16B implant from A.B. Dental is a 2-piece, 1-stage thin implant appropriate for immediate loading. The implant can be used with a ball attachment for overdenture cases.

2% Xylocaine DENTAL with Epinephrine

2% Xylocaine DENTAL with Epinephrine from DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical is a lidocaine and epinephrine (1:100,000 or 1:50,000) injection with rapid onset of 2 to 4 minutes in infiltration and mandibular nerve blocks.

2010 SP2 Customer Release

Delcam announces the release of Delcam Dental 2010 SP2, featuring a new, visually appealing interface.

2012 DentalEZ Group Catalog

DentalEZ Group announces the availability of its 2012 Product Catalog and Price List. The 2012 DentalEZ Group Product Catalog displays offerings from all DentalEZ brands, such as its line of StarDental Concentrix handpieces, DentalEZ ErgoSure stools for the entire dental team, and the Simplicity hygiene package.

2200-2000 Mobiloskop S

Renfert GMBH introduces the 2200-2000 Mobiloskop S with halogen lighting. The stereo microscope with swivel arm is an indispensable aid for precision work and optimum detail control.