Protective Eyewear

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This protective eyewear provides a secure, comfortable fit and can be worn over glasses. The U.V. glasses filter out over 99% of U.V. and dangerous blue light (up to 540nm).


Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Covering All Conveniences with Keystone-Bosworth ProphyBrite

We all have “go-to” products in our armentarium. One of my favorite operatory products is the Keystone-Bosworth ProphyBrite™ air polisher. As a clinician who performs her own preventive maintenance appointment visits, and as a former dental hygienist, the ProphyBrite™ is a product that I personally use every day. The ProphyBrite™ easily removes stain and bioburden, utilizing pressurized air and water in a stream along with sodium bicarbonate slurry that effectively polishes teeth without trauma. Especially for heavy smokers, tea drinkers or even those patients with chlorhexadine stains, the ProphyBrite™ efficiently removes the stain quickly.  Click Here to Download...

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Protective Eyewear
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