ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray

Product Description

Air Techniques' ProVecta DC intraoral x-ray provides an unparalleled blend of performance, intuition, and flexibility.

Key Features
'    Performance: delivers sharp-looking x-rays
'    Intuition: knows how to control what you can't
'    Flexibility: meets all of your needs
'    0.4 mm Focal spot for the sharpest detail possible - The ProVecta DC's focal spot is the smallest in the industry
'    Variable exposure parameters for exceptional precision
'    ProVecta DC lets you take the exact radiograph you need by independently changing kV and mA
'    Automatic exposure history for fast, easy retrieval
'    Delivers the same X-ray output regardless of line voltage fluctuations
'    No interference from other equipment: ProVecta DC's industry'first technology always draws clean power and operates predictably
'    Only ProVecta DC has a tube head and arms that are delicately balanced by hand and built with no brakes to move seamlessly
'    ProVecta DC has 3 arm lengths and a maximum reach of almost 80", and the ProVecta DC Mobile adds the convenience of wheels
'    Perfect for every radiography technology
'    Horizontal or vertical wall mounts

PRODUCT OPTIONS: ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray

ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray
Technical Specification
Focal Spot: 0.4
Wall Mountable: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
AC or DC: DC
Dimensions Type: mm
Post Mountable: Yes
Arm Sizes Available: 38.1 cm (15 inches) - 60.96 cm (24 inches) - 83.82 cm (33 inches)
Optional Remote Control Panel Mounting: No
Sku# ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray




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ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray
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