Quad-Tray Line

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Featuring low side walls to eliminate the risk of impingement or axial roll, the Quad-Tray Xtreme posterior tray incorporates a wide-arch design to prevent tooth burn-through and adjustable arch width to accommodate any size patient. In addition to the benefits of the Quad-Tray Xtreme, the Quad-Tray XL (extra-long for multiple preps) posterior tray has a full-quadrant design fo recording cuspid rise, along with greater lateral support for the impression material to maximize rigidity and reduce impression flex. The Anterior Quad-Tray X2 incorporates high, perforated side walls to capture anterior teeth effectively while retaining the impression material. Its wide, key-shaped handle simplifies passing the tray between the assistant and dentist. On removal, the handle provides a strong grip to minimize torque and possible impression material tearing.

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Quad-Tray Line
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